Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charming Girls Goals

This is my number one have to do, this will be a vintage tractor quilt. Probably throw size, translating the ideas from my head to paper always seem to take awhile. Hopefully I can turn on the "steam"
Fall colors are calling me... this will be a keeper project. I love the Schnibble patterns and was excited to join a year of Schnibbles over at pink pincushion and a quilting life!
These wooden bowls were out at my yard sale two weeks ago and as I looked at them I could see gigantic acorn tops. So, we'll see how this works out.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Thank goodness for friends! Thanks to my pal Melody, she just walked my not so techno self thru adding gadgets. Now I know I'm not stupid... perhaps just a little slow... ok, ok, VERY slow when it comes to computers. Just add a presser foot and needle maybe I'd get it faster? I always wanted to be better with the computer, maybe blogging will force me into it. I am determined to figure this out and be more productive. Melody and I have always challenged each other to finish projects and reach for new goals. Can't wait to get started!

Fun with my bff

Okay.. had a super time with Melody on Monday. She had a back to school party for my buddy Alex and his friends, nothing makes me feel better than to watch a bunch of kids having a blast. Of course we picked the HOTEST day ever! So muggy...the adults were seriously wilting by the end of the day. Somehow Melody and I got refreshed and... Ta Da she finished my monkey wrench blocks!!! YEA! My pal has impeccable color taste, she is a joy to do a swap with. Now I will need to make a few more block as I will be making a large quilt...its actually going on my bed{what? Yes, I'm keeping this one!} I have decided its time my house starts looking like a quilter lives here. Like many of you I give a lot of my treasures away, I just think its time to keep a few.

Where does the time go??!

Well, here it is another week flown by, so much for my good intentions of keeping up with the blog and sewing! I really NEED to get my act together!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breakfast in the garden
This is what the hubs and I got to wake up to this morning, mama on the inside of our garden and lovely little baby right outside the fence trying to figure out how to jump it to be with mama. When Bob opened the door to take the pictures she actually took a step towards us as if to say "Are you my Mama?" I can't really get upset over the mama trampling my tomato plants the garden didn't do great this year with the goofy weather. I always feel like a garden has served its purpose when it feeds my family and extended family plus I've already
frozen a good many meals for the winter. I guess I can share some with the wildlife, for now. Next year I guess we'll have to put the top section of fence back. Sorry for the quality of the photos, we were rushing to get them before the deer took off, and chuckling to boot. I sure do love to watch the baby deer romp around, so cute! This one has a brother or sister that is very timid and keeps to the woods line. We couldn't get a photo of that one.
A huge thanks for the kind comments, I have followed many blogs for the last year but now I won't be a ghost follower. Its always so inspiring to see what everyone else is working on. I sure hope I can start being more productive! Have a happy day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good intentions

Here it is August tenth! I know pal, I know! SLOW,slow "sew" slow! I keep telling my pal Melody I will get moving in the quilting and blogging department...I am determined to post before bed tonight. Melody sure is chugging along getting projects done this month! Pal, you are the quilting queen this month... of course I could tease you about the monkey wrench blocks I'm still waiting on. Just teasing... good things come to those who wait, right? ha ha can't help myself, I'm usually the one lagging behind... For those of you who don't know the story :three good friends decided to do a monkey wrench block swap about a year ago? Gee, it's been so long I'm not sure now....Anyways, I actually got mine done and delivered to both gals... And I did tease them a little bit okay, okay a lot, about being done first (because that NEVER happens!) Melody is very nearly done, I saw sneak peaks on her blog. I am getting really excited because I am keeping this quilt for myself! You know I love ya pal! I just finished these primitive birth announcements. I love this kind of stitchery, so quick and fun.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


No, this is not going to have a good molasses recipe,although I do love to cook. I am referring to the old saying slow as molasses.

I still wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for my bff the puppet master aka Melody. She has been trying to get me to set up a blog for a long time. She finally bullied me into it.... just kidding...she baby stepped me through the process. I am not the most technological person around. I am so lucky to have such a great friend, you know the kind that lifts you up, shares the happy side of life as well as all that other stuff that can get us down. I have finally decided its time. Time to tap into that creative gal that's been on hold lately. So thanks pal for encouraging me to finally get moving on this.