Monday, August 10, 2009

Good intentions

Here it is August tenth! I know pal, I know! SLOW,slow "sew" slow! I keep telling my pal Melody I will get moving in the quilting and blogging department...I am determined to post before bed tonight. Melody sure is chugging along getting projects done this month! Pal, you are the quilting queen this month... of course I could tease you about the monkey wrench blocks I'm still waiting on. Just teasing... good things come to those who wait, right? ha ha can't help myself, I'm usually the one lagging behind... For those of you who don't know the story :three good friends decided to do a monkey wrench block swap about a year ago? Gee, it's been so long I'm not sure now....Anyways, I actually got mine done and delivered to both gals... And I did tease them a little bit okay, okay a lot, about being done first (because that NEVER happens!) Melody is very nearly done, I saw sneak peaks on her blog. I am getting really excited because I am keeping this quilt for myself! You know I love ya pal! I just finished these primitive birth announcements. I love this kind of stitchery, so quick and fun.


  1. I love trout and turtle!

    Oh, just because it's been a year and a half does not mean I forgot! ;-)

  2. How fun to have a friend in Melody...I enjoy her blog and so am sure to like yours as well! I'm a follower and will be back to visit you again real soon!!

  3. Too cute and I'm also following.
    Best of luck and please pop over to my blog for a visit [I'm new to this too].

  4. Your BFF sent me over. I have to admit that I am a pretty lousy consistent blogger too. Life has too much going on to sit on the computer so long.